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Gina Miller

Why Money She?

I have always been passionate about women being independent and confident about money and finances. Money doesn't guarantee happiness, but without it our lives and that of our families can be very stressful and unhappy.


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The Power of Three
Sex and the City
Investment Myths and Realities

Chocolate and cherries

Pay Less Fees & Keep More Pie

Maximise Your Profits By Minimising Costs. Many people make the mistake of thinking a small fee difference of 1% doesn’t’ matter – but in the long term this small difference can have a huge negative impact on performance.


Track Record

As we ladies know, in so many walks of life, performance matters.

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Vital Statistics

3 Core Portfolios, 3 Mixed or Blended Portfolios, 3 Currencies

You can also invest via a NISA (New ISA)

Or via a SIPP (Self-invested Personal Pension)


The Power Of The Purse - Why Invest At All?

There are constant debates about equality and whether women can ‘have it all’, and in terms of saving and investing for future security, women are seriously lagging behind men.


Don't put all your eggs in one basket

By having a basket of different holdings and sensibly spreading your investments, you can lower the risk in your portfolio.

SCM Simulator


See the likely Cost, Risk and Return of an investment with MoneyShe and compare us with the main alternatives or any investment you may already own.


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People With Passion

Our aim at MoneyShe is to be a force for good in British society by engaging and interesting women in looking after their financial health and futures.

Power Your Financial Future